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Queen ElizabethII Waterford Orchid Brooch

Irish historic official visit to Britain
Today the Queen is wearing a coat of sky blue cashmere with mother of pearl buttons and the dress is Paisley printed silk in moss green and dove grey. Her hat is cashmere decorated with handmade feather flowers.

As jewel , she is wearing an orchid brooch on her coat, a gift from Mappin Webb and Waterford for the 60th anniversary of coronation. The flowers are hand cut Waterford crystal, the brooch contains 66 diamonds and rose gold stamens.

IMPERIAL JADE JEWEL for Barbara Hutton Princess Mdivani

Barbara first married with Prince Alexis Mdivani, wore the necklace of imperial jade at NY, see picture left with jade earrings, a ruby and diamond bracelet of French manufacture and other of her jewels.

During her lifetime she had amassed a remarkable collection of jewellery. The few pieces that one is able to identify as part of her vast collection are a tribute to a lady with a great sense of beauty and style.

The Highly Important Jadeite Bead, Ruby and Diamond Necklace, circa 1933 was made by Cartier.
Composed of twenty-seven graduated jadeite beads of highly translucent bright emerald green colour, completed by a clasp set with calibré-cut rubies and baguette diamonds, mounted in platinum and 18 karat yellow gold, length approximately 530mm, unsigned.
Beads approximately 19.20 to 15.40mm.

The Hutton-Mdivani Necklace, which was acquired by The Cartier Collection was auctioned again in April 2014, eight bidders in the room and by phone competed for 20 minutes, driving the price past twice the estimate and achieving a World Auction Record for any Jadeite Jewellery and a Cartier Jewel at HK  for US$27.44 million.
Also, the 29.62-carat cushion-shaped oval Burmese Mogok ruby and diamond ring by Cartier, sold for US$7.34 million, set a World Auction Record for a Ruby.

source: sothebys

Emeralds Emerald Jewels Barbara Hutton

Pearls Pearl Jewels Barbara Hutton

Royal Wedding gift for Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll from the Town of Windsor

The Town of Windsor wedding gift to Princess Louise of Argyll, a diamond bracelet made by Hancock …details of the jewel, later worne by Katharine Duchess of Kent:

„This gift will be most valuable to me, coming as it does from a place associated with my earliest, happiest and most sacred recollections . . .“ and clearly she meant what she wrote as she chose to wear the bracelet at her wedding to the Marquis on March 21, 1871 at St. George’s Chapel.


Royal Jewels Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll

Prinzessin Louise von Grossbritannien und Nordirland, Tochter von Queen Victoria
Geschenke an Queen Victorias 4. Tochter Louise anlässlich ihrer Hochzeit mit dem späteren Duke of Argyll.

Tiara | Weddinggift to Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll

Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll | Wedding | Hochzeit

Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll | Weddinggifts | Hochzeitsgeschenke

Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll | Marriage presents | Schmuck zur Hochzeit

Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll | Tiara | Diadem

Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll | Jewels with Pearls| Schmuck mit Perlen

Tiara Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll Tiara| Herzogin von Argyll | Diamantdiadem

Marriage Souvenir Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll Gifts| Herzogin von Argyll | Hochzeits Medaillons

Princess Marie-Christine of Kent | Daisy Brooches

Wie ich schon beim Erstellen der Webseite im Jahr 2008 erwähnt habe, hat die Herzogin von Argyll einen grossen Teil Ihres Schmucks der Familie des Herzogs von Kent vermacht.
Nun konnte ich ein weiteres Schmuckstück zuordnen, das Katherine Herzogin von Kent getragen hat, es handelt sich um das Hochzeitsgeschenk von Königin Victoria von England. Ein Anhänger mit einem grossen Smaragden und Diamanten – der jetzt als Smaragdbrosche getragen wird.

Maharani of Baroda | Royal Jewels | Schmuck der Maharaja von Baroda

Treasury of Baroda | Juwelen im Besitz der Gaekwad von Baroda Familie

Das Smaragd Diamant Collier der Maharani von Baroda

Magnificent Emerald Drop and Diamond Necklace and Ear Pendants

 Stern des Südens | Diamant Collier der Maharani von Baroda

Maharani Baroda Diamant Collier

The famous Baroda Diamond Necklace | The Star of the South

Stern des Südens | Historischer Diamant

Baroda Pearls | Famous Pearls and Pearl Necklace of the Maharaja India

Siebenreihige Perlen Collier des Maharadscha von Baroda

Der Turban-Schmuck des Maharadscha von Baroda

The Baroda Sarpech

Diamant Diamond Sarpech Royal Jewel of India Baroda

Ceremonial Collier des Maharadscha von BarodaThe famous Baroda Diamond Necklace

Perlen | Baroda Perlen Teppich

Famous Pearl Carpet of Baroda


Schmuck | Prinzessin Lilian von Schweden’s Letzter Wille

The Last Will of Princess Lilian of Sweden, part of jewels and inventory….

Princess Lilian’s will – the part that famously mentions two tiaras to Crown Princess Victoria.
The Boucheron Tiara/Necklace  is given to Crown Princess Victoria:

Margarethas Diadem in steel and white gold(could be the 2nd buttontiara – not solved)

The wonderful Scarabaeus Necklace given to the Queen

Another important jewel found on Pos:55
Bracelet, gold, diamonds, 2 ruby eyes,
: snake shape 120 000 SEK
Princess Lilian wore the diamond bracelet  on her wedding day, while the ceremony and in the evening for the party, see the picture. The serpent, sign for eternity was very popular in the 19th century. The bracelet

Queen’s Jewels Elizabeth II | Schmuck Historie

Queen Elizabeth II. Jewel history | Der Schmuck der Königin Elisabeth II. von England und deren Geschichte

Brazilian Aquamarine Parure | Queens Jewels   First Tiara + Aquamarine Brooch    Small Tiara + Bracelet

Saphire und Diamant Diadem Königin Elizabeth II- Saphir-Collier

The ‚County of Cornwall‘ Ruby Diamond Bracelet-Brooch 1893 worne by Queen Elizabeth

The ‚Dorset Bow‘ brooch

Gold and Diamond Bangles 19th century

Diamond bracelet designed by Prince Philip and given to his royal bride on their marriage

Dagmar Necklace Queens Jewels |Schmuck der Königin von England

Die Juwelen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Elizabeth II`s Private Trove

Verlobungsring und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Engagement Ring of Elizabeth II`s – Queens Jewels Her Private Trove

Die Cullinan Diamanten der englischen Queen | Queens Treasure – Elizabeth II`s Cullinan Diamonds

Die kleineren Cullinan Broschen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Queen Casket – Elizabeth II`s Cullinan Brooches

Das königliche Geburtstagsgeschenk | 21 Diamonds – The Present of the People of South Africa

Die Juwelen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen Teil 6 | Queens Jewellery – Elizabeth II`s Private Trove

Die Juwelen und der private Schmuck der englischen Queen | Queens Jewelry – Elizabeth II`s Private Trove

Royal Jewels | England | Great Britain

History of the Queen’s Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace

History of the Queen’s Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace  | Historie des Diamant Halsbands der Königin Elisabeth II.

Countess Warwick with the orginal Version of the Diamond Necklace

Elizabeth II. Queen’s Nizam of Hayderabad Necklace

Kate Duchess of Cambridge | Herzogin Kate mit dem Diamant Collier der Königin von England


Bulgaria Royal & Imperial Jewels | Bulgarien Historischer Schmuck & königliche Juwelen

Royal Magazin – Bulgaria
Royal  & Imperial Jewel History, Research and the Story behind the Gems. 

Geschichte und Hintergründe zu dem Historischen Schmuck & den königliche Juwelen

Princess Marie-Louise de Bourbon Parme

Bulgaria Crown

Princess Eleonore von Reuss Kostritz


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Princess Eleonore von Reuss Kostritz

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Maharaja of Patiala | Jewels of Royal India ||Maharadscha Schmuck

Famous Mughal India Jewels
Maharaja of Patiala Diamond-Chocker  Patiala Diamond Collar:

Maharadscha von Patiala SchmuckDer Maharaja bestellte 1928 bei Cartier für sich ein eng am Hals liegendes Brillant-Halsband aus runden, umlaufenden Gliedern. In der Mitte sitzt jeweils ein großer, gelber Diamant, die sicher aus dem Besitz des Maharajas stammen. Diese Steine wurden später einmal entfernt und es dauerte für die Restauration acht Monate um entsprechenden Ersatz zu finden. Das rekonstruierte Collier ist 2014 in Paris im Grand Palais zu sehen, hier der Bericht als Video:
Bericht über den Schmuck und Juwelen des Maharadscha von Patiala ausgestellt im Grand Palais 2014 Paris: